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Itching Ears and Itching Hearts - Be Careful of False Prophets

Taking a look at a recent Netflix Documentary about a Pastor trying to change the Christian Faith and why we need to stand on the truth, even when our leaders are wrong. According to 2 Timothy look o...

Jesus is about Rising and so am I

Pt.1 Steer clear of folks that talk more than they produce! Pt.2 Your Kingdom status won’t change until you show commitment to the King! Pt.3 Would The first century church recognize today’s church?...

Make sure your Looking to God

God is speaking to you all the time are you prepared and ready to listen?

You Made a Way When I Don't Know How

Reflect on how he is moving mountains and causing walls to fall.

When Your Dreams are Under Attack

There are moments when God will push you out of your comfort zone and into your destiny!Be Blessed by this message Remember Sunday Service is at 11am at Everlasting Word Church 22 N Highland Ave Aur...

When you praise your situation shifts right to God!

Taking a deeper look at Hannah a woman God Remembered

Do you hear God speak and are you listening

God speaks in many ways. We need to start to listening to hear his call.

Let My People Go Part 2

Time to be set free and delivered!

Let My People Go

Time for breaking free and being delivered!

Draw the Line in the Sand

Learn how to set boundaries that cannot be crossed.

A Church Must be Woven From the Top Down

Unity starts from the top down, the church must be on one accord.

"When I was...." Needs you to Finish it!

People try to debate if there is a God are not, I don"t worry about it; for me He is real!!! And my place was prepared from the beginning.

Opposition to Rebuilding

Rebuilding through partnerships, civil and spiritual

Encourage yourself in Christ

Learn to encourage yourself

Fathers Day Sermon Closing

Thank you for watching

Now, You believe

After you come through your trial or tests. Now you believe that God is who he says he is.

Now, are you trying to please man

You will serve in God.

Is there a Good Samaritan left

After this the lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.

What is in your storehouse

There are no shortcuts to sanctification, it is an orderly process

The Helper Sun 12 10 17

Right when you need the Lord He will always come through!Thank you for watching, To obtain more information about service times, upcoming events, and prayer requests you can visit us at ...

Fishing in Other Places

Nothing you have done has been wasted.

Passion for an Eternity

Taking a deeper look into Holy Week, as we prepare to Honor our Lord on Resurrection Sunday.

All the Miracles cannont be Told

Pt.1 you need regular sin in the camp checks it maybe you sometimes Pt.2 responsibility’s change many times in your life as people, job, and places change Pt.3 all the miracles cannot be told becaus...

The waters will be Replenished

Pt.1 God keeps right people even in wrong situations!Pt.2 People planning your downfall, better run their plans past your God! Pt.3 Elim was the staging place for the Children Israel

When you realize it’s not about you!

When you have been fortunate enough to realize “ it’s not about you!”The world continues regardless of your circumstances, personal pain, failures or victories! Usually around the time of parenthood ...

Are You Learning Anything About Warfare

Teaching a new generation that there is spiritual warfare

Intersession, Instruction, and Inheritance

Father's Day message: 6/18/2017Thank you for watching please visit our website for more info or to donate to the ministry at

2017 Summer Revival Pastor Steven Huntly

Last day Prophetic message.

When you're going, where you have never been

When the dream and vision killers come, you need to see them with spiritual eyes!